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 Heart and Mind are not the same...

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Heart and Mind are not the same... Empty
PostSubject: Heart and Mind are not the same...   Heart and Mind are not the same... Icon_minitimeFri Jun 29, 2007 2:01 am

I love you scratch

Mat 13

Heart of a stranger.....

He has put.
Willing in the heart.

The heart can be ....
(New Testament)
Circumcised or Uncircumcised ( notice 2 conditions and nothing else)

Word goes into the heart. from the heart, it produces thoughts and produces images and it comes out again as word.

What the Spirit does ... it makes you willing, and willing is in the heart by the Spirit

Things seen can be kept in the heart.


know what is in your heart.

The heart is a container.

Words an be in the heart.

Lifted up heart.

Speaking in the heart.

Mind cannot contain the Word of God.
The Heart can.

Heart -- container -- deep.
Mind -- recorder -- shallow.

We can set our heart on something - some thing.

We can have gladness of heart.

In Romans we read: He gave them over to the Mind.

Emotions are of the Mind.
True feeling is of the Heart.

Don't walk in the vanity of the mind.

Intelligence is of the mind.

Wisdom is of the heart.

Intelligence is nothing but memory stored in your mind.

The Victory of Satan was when he cut man from his heart.

Here is where we put Romans, Deuteronomy and Genesis together.

Once I acknowledge the Lord, Lo and behold there he was.

I have a heart but the mind has replaced my heart.

Condition of my heart?
in darkness and alienated from God.

My mind became a social police.
It commands me not to say things, I think because they are not socially accepted.

The greatest power of the heart is the word.

My heart is greater than my mind.
I will know my heart.

Darkness hast pass and the light now shines.

Take heed until the day dawn and day star arise in your hearts.
1 Peter 1:19

enemies by your mind,

goodness, righteousness and fruitful (other) truth. children of Light..

The heart delivers to the whole body.

Awake you that sleep.
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Heart and Mind are not the same...
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