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 An acceptance of disassociation:

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An acceptance of disassociation: Empty
PostSubject: An acceptance of disassociation:   An acceptance of disassociation: Icon_minitimeWed Jul 04, 2007 4:31 am

In transition there must of necessity be a continual conflict in the heart and mind of the true believer. The "word of truth" presents a reality that is adverse to the view of the world and the flesh person. If you are in reality immersed in that transition the process of "disassociation" from accepted values and ways is a part of that process. The pattern of conversion is in direct opposition with "world" and "flesh" values. To truly see that in "conversion" you are being conformed to ways and values that directly contradict those of this world can lead to a much needed acceptance. The conflict in conversion is born of the warring of values, ways, and perceptions of how things should be as opposed to how they are.

Just sharing Wink.
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An acceptance of disassociation:
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