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 Do you know your own heart?

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Do you know your own heart? Empty
PostSubject: Do you know your own heart?   Do you know your own heart? Icon_minitimeMon Jul 02, 2007 10:25 am

Do you know what is it?

Did you know that you can picture the heart as a container?

A place.

How do we define "place"?

Place is where "I am" .....not who, not how, not what is where.

There are physical places, we know them very well.

Children of God should have a good sense of place, because place is where I experience.

In my father's house there are "many mansions"

Mansion=Place to dwell, mansion gives the sense of ownership.

All the problems of your life are because you have no control over your heart.

That which passes through the heart is sent into the whole body.


There is a spiritual body.
There is a physical body.

Mind is nothing.
Heart is everything.

Jesus does not care about the mind much.

He is big on the heart.

In revelation, I saw a room the heart had walls and many things could be in there, that make sense with place, b4 I saw or knew the heart as a figure of speech, a rock, a thing, is not...

Heart is not a living thing.
Heart has no mind of it's own.

Heart is only to receive an to send. That is it's function and somewhere somehow I believed a lie.

And I believe my mind was my heart.
Consciousness is nothing more than knowing, the ability to know that I exist and to choose. Thoughts are not from the mind but from the heart.

Know the mysteries of the kingdom, he tells us, you have to have something to get more.

Eyes to see and hearing, not physical because the kingdom is not physical but spiritual.


iF YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE THE REALITY OF SPIRITUAL REALITY IN THIS PHYSICAL BODY, THE ONLY THING HE HAS TO WORK WITH IS YOU, your consciousness, your heart , your self. Everything is with in, inside not outside

The victory of Satan was when he cut man of heart.
When he separated man from his heart.

Heart controls every thing you do, heart is deceitful, who can know it?

Mind is the playground of Satan, mind heart, heart mind, 2 different things.
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Do you know your own heart?
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